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Strength and grace.... Please welcome Michaela Finnan.

Strength and grace....  Please welcome Michaela Finnan.

Calisthenics and Body Weight training are two buzz words often found in the fitness industry at the moment. Both highly successful methods of strength and conditioning training, without the use of weights, easy to start but incredibly difficult to master. 

But what about aerial skills and training methods derived from gymnastics and acrobatics? Gymnasts are surely some of the most talented strength athletes around, for one, there are multiple Olympic disciplines dedicated to it. And what happened to acrobats? Suspended gracefully in the air at a great height, making standard calisthenics suddenly look very tame…

We would like to introduce you to Michaela Finnan, of “Falkor Aerial Fitness”.


michaela finnan tuffwraps

Former British champion Sports Acrobat, professional dance graduate from the renowned Urdang Academy, Aerial fitness instructor and Personal Trainer. If there was ever a person to demonstrate outright strength with pure grace and ellegance then Michaela is that. With over 20 years experience in the world of Acrobatics, gymnastics and stage performance, Michaela brings a new spectrum of talent to the growing diversity of the TuffWraps UK team.
If the above isn’t enough to grab your attention then please keep reading. With performances under her belt at the Royal Opera House, Queen Elizabeth Hall, St Pauls Cathedral and Wembley Stadium, performing for clients like Puma Sportswear, The Pussy Cat Dolls, The Vamps and ITV to name a few, not a lot phases her.


michaela finnan

To say we are excited to be able to associate ourselves with Michaela is a massive understatement. We seriously urge everyone to go follow her on all social platforms to keep up to date with her progress in the Aerial fitness industry! 
After this introduction we don’t blame you for being interested in learning to do what Michaela does. Practicing what she preaches and being an inspiration to others on a daily basis while carrying strength and fitness in a physique girls can aspire to. Currently based out of what could be the South of England’s premier strength and conditioning facility, “Locker 27” Michaela also works one to one with clients from the Finnan Fitness Studio in Surrey.

michaela finnan tuffwraps

Follow Michaela's progress on the social media platforms below.

Our blog page: https://tuffwraps.co.uk/blogs/news

Our IG page: https://www.instagram.com/tuffwrapsuk/

IG page: https://www.instagram.com/michaelafinnan/
IG page: https://www.instagram.com/falkor_aerial/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/MichaelaFinnan

Falkor Aerial: http://locker27.com/programs-services/aerial-fitness/

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