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Copy of TuffWraps Brand Ambassador Program - legacy



*We require all applicants to complete and pass our TUFF Assessment Test.


Register here once you have taken and passed the test.

*Any registrations without passing the test will be ignored.


Have a TUFF style you love to show off? Do you post a lot of pics on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, or Pinterest that deals with weightlifting, powerlifting, or fitness?

You may be perfect for the TuffWraps Ambassador Program where you can get your friends a discount and earn store credit for helping to grow the TUFFWRAPS family...

What Do I Need To Join?

You MUST buy or own a pair of wrist wraps and a TuffWraps Tee within the last five months. If you do not own a pair, please purchase before registering. All accounts will be checked before activation so please be sure to enter your order number in the provided space when prompted.

How much of a Discount Will My Network Get?

You will be offered a 10% discount code that can be shared with your friends, family members, and followers anywhere. When they make a purchase, they can use that discount code during checkout.

Do I Get Anything For All My Friends Who Purchase TuffWraps Gear & Apparel?

Of course, you do! You are our brand ambassador, after all. For every referral that results in a purchase from your friends, you will receive a 20% commission in store credit. Example: a £100.00 order you would get £20.00 to spend at

What Are Some Other Benefits Of Becoming An Ambassador?

We always look to our brand ambassadors first when other opportunities arise for photoshoots, newly released products, blog contributions, and testing of product prototypes. These opportunities may be paid and involve additional free gear and apparel but will be up to our discretion and must be discussed with us ahead of time.

How Do I Redeem My Ambassador Commissions?

Please send us a mail at when you want to claim your commissions, and we will issue you a gift card that can be used to get fantastic gear and apparel in our store.

How Can I Join The Ambassador Program?

Please read this part carefully!

When you click to register for the ambassador program, you will be taken to a signup form. (Must complete assessment first.)

  • You must provide a one-word discount code you'd like to use to promote us. "JohnTUFF", "Steven10", etc. Your friends will put this custom code in at checkout to receive their 10% discount. Please add something specific about you to it (YourNameTUFF, SDTUFF10) you can't just use TUFF, powerlifter, etc. Anything outside of this will not be accepted.  We are very strict about this. Failure to do so can result in forfeit of all your commission.
  • The link below is the first part to signing up for our brand ambassador program.
  • Once you finish filling out the signup form, YOU MUST check your email to verify your enrolment, AND you will be required to submit some additional information. Details will be provided in the email.
  • Upon review and acceptance, you will receive a welcome email with instructions and a confirmation that your custom discount code is setup. Please be patient as our team will need to review every application manually. You can always contact us at if you have any questions or concerns.
  • Disclaimer: Due to the high demand for our ambassador program, we ask that you, please be patient as we have to review each application. This does take time, so we ask that you give us two weeks to review your request due to the massive volume.
  • We are currently not sponsoring any new athletes at this time.
  • Fill out and complete the application, which helps us understand your lifestyle and fit for our ambassador program. We save all application for one year and select top applications every quarter.
  • You are NOT permitted to post your code to any website, coupon site, or any site without permission from TuffWraps. If we find that you have, your account will be terminated without any warning, and all your commissions will be forfeited.
  • We will be reviewing accounts and deactivating any accounts that are stagnant and inactive. This is done without notice, so please be sure to stay active with the program.
  • By becoming a TuffWraps Ambassador, we require you to uphold a positive attitude which represents our brand. Any account we see unfit will be terminated immediately without notice.