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Ervin Toots Wins Lithuania's Strongest Man 2020

Ervin Toots Wins Lithuania's Strongest Man 2020

Lithuania's Strongest Man is hosted once a year by Vidas Blekatis and is made up of the best competitors from Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Poland, simply where some of the strongest people of the planet are from!

Driven into the arena in old school classic American Muscle cars, this was a great addition to the event and one that allows the crowd to enjoy the day more for the family, something Strongman is all about.

Ervin Toots, who is currently in preparation for the restart of Strongman Champions League and his debut at the Arnolds took the decision to compete this weekend and what a great decision that was.

ervin toots

Ervin took first place overall from the following events.

Max Log: 1st place

Sled Pull: 1st place

Deadlift For Reps: 4th place

Front Hold: 1st place

Yoke to Tyre Flip: 3rd place

Congratulations from everyone here at TuffWraps and we cannot wait to see what comes next!!

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ervin toots

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