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Villain Tacky - Training Grade

Shipped from London, UK

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Villain Tacky is available in two grades, training and competition. The training blend is ideal for the cooler UK climates and adds a level of reassurance to the athlete when performing the stone lift.  This training tacky is not the strongest but with that it is also not the hardest to remove after your session.

Training tacky is best removed using Villain Tacky Remover.

Villain training tacky is ideal for your everyday events practice sessions.

What does Tacky Do?

Villain Atlas Stone Tacky has been designed for the sole purpose of stone lifting in the sport of strongman.  By applying Villain Tacky to your fore arms or stone sleeves it acts as a type of adhesive to allow you to grip the stone before lifting it to the desired platform.  

Tacky can help reduce the load on your fingers and biceps and in turn help prevent injuries that can be common with stone lifting.

*Tacky is non refundable 

  • Level 1 Strength
  • Entry level Tacky for training
  • Suitable for cooler climates

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