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Why TuffWraps?

Why Choose TuffWraps?

So lets be honest, there are several manufacturers around the world offering wrist wraps and supports for cross fit, power lifting and all kinds of training diciplines. So what makes TuffWraps stand out from the rest and be the company that you decide to help you progress your training with??? We are proud to stand by our product but we want you to be just as proud to wear and represent the brand whilst you train.

A world of experience with the human body.

Our wraps have been developed not only by people who have been involved in fitness almost their whole lives but also by people with genuine knowledge of the human body. I am a Licensed Chiropractic Physician and having studied for many years and seen many patients I have a wealth of knowledge of how the body moves and functions, how joints are stressed and compressed and what can not only help support your training but help prevent serious injury!

40 years manufacturing experience.

Here at TuffWraps we are fortunate enough to have the input and guidance from a family member with over 40 years in the sewing industry, we don’t cut corners or take chances! Consideration is given to every stage of the design process from what material and stitch patterns we use to material thickness and even Velcro specification and placement.

Customer service is our highest priority.

We genuinely have the customers interest at the highest level of our priorities. We will always recommened what we consider to be the most beneficial product to you, not what is most benficial to us as a company. We also offer a 30 day money back gaurentee so if you are not totally happy with your wrist wraps then you can send them right back to us…. We must say that this still has never happened after almost 4 years!

Product testing.

Before any of our products are released for general sale they are tested by our TuffWraps team athletes. You may have heard of Leeroy “The Machine” Walker, currently pressing upwards of 650lbs incline. We have total trust in our products and this is continually reflected in the environemts they are used.

TuffWraps company growth.

Please don’t just take our word for it, here at TuffWraps we are busy behind the scenes like you would not believe. It seems like only yesterday we released our Red 30” and Pink 27” edition Villain wrist wraps and now we have more than 24 variations of colors and length to choose from and that’s just one line of products!

We regually release blogs featuring fitness events we are involved with, what our athletes have been up to and general information surrounding health and fitness we feel may be of interest to those of you browsing our site. We strive to be more than just a simple retailer.

TuffWraps UK is our newest and most exciting step forward in the world of international sale and distribution. Being able to reliably retail our product to UK and European markets, run by trusted people sharing the same core values for the TuffWraps brand as we started our company on….

Its all in the details.

Being committed to pushing our brand forward is one thing, but having a high quality product to push with it is as fundamental as it gets. When deciding to purchase a product from TuffWraps think about the following. Are the other companies cutting corners anywhere?  Where do they invest their money?  Its quite plain to see if companies are more focused on making a product fit to a price rather than making the price fit the product. Are lower grade fabrics being used?  Are there plastisol inks or simple iron on logos?  These things however small make up the finer details that make TuffWraps a brand to trust.
As we mentioned before, we are proud of our brand and want you to be proud of it too.
Try TuffWraps today and experience a new standard in training support!