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TuffWraps Athlete: Jonathan Cotton


Jonahan Cotton's IG: @cottonsense

I grew up in New Jersey and now live in Colorado with my wife (and son in a few weeks!). I’m a registered nurse by trade and work in trauma ER. I have a background competing in mixed martial arts and powerlifting. A few years ago my brother Tyler and I started doing local amateur strongman competitions for fun. We started having some success at the local level and then progressed to the national level. In 2018 I took first place at Strongman Nationals in the heavyweight class, with Tyler finishing a very close second place. That qualified us to go compete with Strongman Champions League in Finland. Since 2018 we’ve been competing all over the globe with Strongman Champions League (SCL), which is where we got our introduction to TuffWraps. 

Accomplishments include: 

  • North Dakota’s Strongest Man 2018

  • Strongman National Champion in 2018

  • January 2020 tied a world record in the Jon Pall Sigmarsson Deadlift at the World’s Strongest Viking competition in Norway, with a 600kg lift. Tied for the world record with fellow TuffWraps athlete Ervin Toots.

My goals are to continue competing with the SCL and qualify for their World Finals.