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Tuffwraps Athlete: Hannah Ranfranz


IG: @hannahranfranz

My name is Hannah Ranfranz. I was born & raised in Indiana, but followed my dreams & now live in Florida! I am an IFBB Bikini Professional, a personal trainer, and an online coach. I also volunteer/mentor for children! I fell in love with health & fitness at a young age and pursued my bachelor’s degree in Applied Exercise & Health.  I minored in Organizational Leadership & Supervision to expand my knowledge. I have always had a passion for helping others & found my niche in the bodybuilding industry. I coach lifestyle & competition prep clients online, I teach posing, & I train clients in person. I love that there is no finish line in health & fitness. It is a continuous, never-ending journey. I enjoy helping others build strength in the gym to conquer the world outside of the gym. I love to teach that a healthy lifestyle brings us more than just physical benefits, but emotional & mental benefits as well! No two bodies are the same. We are all unique in our own ways, & I strive to help others create the best version of themselves, inside & out! I compete to inspire all those around me, spread knowledge on exercise & health, encourage others to be confident in themselves, motivate them to achieve their goals, & then create bigger ones, as well, as to spread kindness, laughter, & love!

Competition History

  • NPC - 2017-2018
  • Continental USA 1st place 2017
  • Badger State 1st place 2017
  • National Bodybuilding Championships 6th place 2017
  • Junior USA’s 8th place 2018
  • Junior Nationals 1st place 2018 (Pro card earned)
  • IFBB - 2018-2019
  • Chicago Pro 7th place 2018 (Pro Debut)
  • Legends Classic, 3rd place 2019
  • World Klash, 16th place 2019
  • Indy Pro, 2nd place 2019
  • St. Louis Pro, 4th place 2019
  • Battle at the Falls, 6th place, 2019
  • Pittsburgh Pro, 11th place 2019
  • New York Pro, 7th place 2019
  • Toronto Pro, 11th place 2019
  • Optimum Classic, 7th Place 2019
  • Miami Muscle Beach, 12th place 2019
  • Iron Games 2019, 4th place 2019
  • Niagara Falls Pro, 4th place 2019
  • Battle of Texas, 1st place 2019 (Olympia 2020 qualified)

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