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TuffWraps Athlete: Ervin Toots

I am 29 years old and a former bodybuilder for almost 10 years until my good friend Rauno Heinla (pro strongman) told me to start competing in strongman like himself.  Finally June 2018 I  went and did my first strongman training just for fun, on the first day I cleared a 140kg log for reps, 300kg deadlift easy and 80kg dumbbell I think.  I felt I had found a new passion!

After that Rauno told me i have to do this sport and we started training together. 4 months training and me and Rauno flew to Ireland Official Strongman Games European Championships with Colin Bryce (Giants Live Owner) and Bill Kazmaier as MC. Rauno took 1st place, I was 2nd and 3rd was Aaron Page who competes at Pro level. After that i figured its the sport for me!

2019 I completed 17 competitions, in Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Finland, Russia, Curacao, Portugal, Norway. I also competed at four SCL competitions and was invited to the finals in Portugal, a proud moment representing TuffWraps my sponsor who also sponsor the the SCL (Strongman Champions League).

This year at Worlds Strongest Viking I pulled a new World Record at Jon Pall Sigmarsson Viking deadlift at 600kg.  A proud moment!

2020 I aim to compete at Arnold Pro Strongman series and multiple Strongman Champions League events.

My best lifts have been:

  • 400kg deadlift 2019
  • 310kg raw squat
  • 240kg bench press

My goals in 2020 are to hit a 200kg log and 420kg deadlift.

My goal is to become Estonias first Worlds Strongest Man! And I promise that even if I am injured I always give my very best. I don't just want to win, I want to dominate competitions!

Ervin Toots IG: @ervin.toots

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