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TuffWraps Athlete: Bruce Leaupepe

Bruce Orlando Leaupepe

Follow him on IG: @mr_orlando

27, San Diego CA
Personal One-on-One Trainer and Online Coach

Surprisingly Bruce started powerlifting just 3 years ago. But athletics has always been a staple in his life. Before powerlifting, he was a Division One Football Player at San Diego State University and played Rugby for OMBAC for a short stint as well. His number one goal (besides inspiring the hell out of people) is to have the best bench press in the world. He knows this will take some time, and a ton of hard work and determination, but he’s no stranger to any of that. During football, he suffered a career-ending injury (a popped disc in his lower back, L4, L5). He hit rock bottom and found himself suffering from depression. Suicide definitely entered his mind but thankfully he was able to overcome it. In fact, that is what pushes him everyday. To his clients and fans alike, he always preaches ‘Never Give Up.’ He hopes that if people can see how hard he fights in the gym and has fought for his life, then hopefully they’ll realize they can fight for their lives as well. So here’s his reminder, as you’ll see at the end of each of is posts, that no matter what happens to NEVER GIVE UP.