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TuffWraps Rewards FAQ

How Are Points Rewarded?

  1. Every GBP spent at Tuffwraps = 1 Point.
  2. Follow us on Instagram = 25 Points
  3. Sign up for an Account = 25 Points
  4. Like us on Facebook = 50 Points
  5. Share on Facebook = 50 Points
  6. Celebrate A birthday = 75 Points

How Do I Access My TUFF Rewards Account and use my points?

Please see the video below:

Finding my unused discount code?

Please see the video below:

Can I stack my points?

There is no stacking allowed with your points.  You can use one discount per purchase.

Last But Not Least...
Send a friend or family member your unique link we made just for you and they will get £5 OFF their FIRST order, and you will receive a £10 OFF REWARD! It is that simple, send the link and wait for the rewards to roll in!

If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to email us at sales@tuffwraps.co.uk

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