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Knee Supports - Which Ones Should You Choose?

Knee Supports - Which Ones Should You Choose?

When it comes to choosing a knee support for your training it can be a really difficult decision, especially if it's your first ever knee support. Much like ourprevious blog about elbow sleeves, understanding the reason or what exercises you will be performing with the knee sleeves is the best way to make an informed decision

Do you require a support to enable an increase in the weight you are lifting or are you looking for a support that would allow more volume work?

We have listed below all of the sleeves we offer and have given a break down of their suitability and uses. With all of our different options, we are confident that we can help you figure out which knee support is right for your needs.

Dual Ply Knee Sleeves

The Double Ply Knee Sleeves are the softest sleeves we offer and are also one of the most popular. A combination of their ability to keep the joint warm and apply an unrivalled sense of compression makes them incredibly versatile. We've also added a non slip rubber ring to the upper edge of the sleeves to help keep them in place during extended periods of time in a work out.

The custom compression material we use for these sleeves offers a medium amount of support for the knee during movements like squats, leg pressing, lunges, and extensions.

The compression material makes them very suitable for the ratios that a bodybuilder can have between their knee joint and lower quad. This is where some of the stiffer neoprene sleeves struggle to mould perfectly to the knee and end up underperforming in terms of compression.

These are a great entry level sleeve for high volume work and also a favourite for Strongman Training warm up exercises.

Sleeve Length - 12"

7mm X-Training Knee Sleeves

The X-Training Knee Sleeves are a great entry level neoprene sleeve and very versatile in comparison to the longer and stiffer TUFF Competition Sleeves. Manufactured from the same high grade neoprene as the rest of our sleeves, these have a multiple panel construction to fit as snug as possible but still provide comfort and support for workouts with an emphasis on explosive movements.

Cross Training is a great example of where these sleeves excel, being able to be worn throughout the entire session and allowing a full range of joint motion while maintaining a good level of support.

This style is also very suitable for fitness enthusiasts who are new to knee sleeves and looking for something that has a great all round support capability, be it during squats, lunges, circuit training or simply additional support for any movement.

Sleeve length - 10"

7mm Competition Neoprene Knee Sleeves

The 7mm Competition Knee Sleeves are made from a high grade neoprene material with fantastic compliance properties, 12" long and cut to a taper style to mimic the shape of the leg. With double side seams and reinforced stitching they are designed to be used in anger and meet multiple federation requirements.

These are the go to sleeves of any Powerlifter or Strongman who require every ounce of support while performing their exercises. These could be considered as the optimal knee support before a knee wrap is required.

Sleeve length - 12"

Villain Knee Wraps

Villain Knee Wraps are the most secure way to support the knee joint when performing a squat like motion. The wraps are passed around the knee overlapping on each pass and then crossed back over the knee cap at the end. This wrapped support keeps the knee secure while adding huge lateral support for the joint and the addition of rebound support when at the bottom of the movement.

There are many ways to wrap a knee joint and this is often down to the users preference, but when wrapped correctly they can be incredibly uncomfortable!  This is one of the reasons knee wraps are more suitable for single rep work, or rather attempting a personal record. 

As a rule, Knee Wraps are mainly suited for the squat exercise but can also be used if you are on a leg press and are looking to hit your maximum weights. Villain Knee Wraps are available in both a soft and stiff materials and also in 2, 2.5 and 3 meter lengths.

For maximum support the Villain 2.0 STIFF Knee Wraps in the 3 meter length are suggested. Although, if you are new to knee wraps as supports then we recommend beginning with the softer Villain Knee Wraps in either 2 meters or 2.5 meters, depending on your knee diameter.

We really only suggest using knee wraps if you are going for a max effort set and the maximum support is required to achieve this goal.

Suggested Use's

Bodybuilding - Dual Ply  / 7mm Comp and Knee Wraps 

Cross Training - 7mm X Training Knee Sleeves

Strongman Training - 7mm Comp / Dual Ply for warming up / Knee Wraps

Powerlifting - 7mm Comp / Knee Wraps

General fitness - Dual Ply and 7mm X Training Knee Sleeves

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