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March 10, 2020 1 min read

Julius Maddox has been on a journey to break the world record for bench press and he has just been doing that.  He broke the long-standing world record last year with a 739 lb bench press which can be seen here.  Soon after that, he hit 744 and can be seen here.

Ever since then he keeps pushing the bar higher and higher.  He is on a mission to get a 800 lb bench press.  If these videos are any indication, we think he will do it.



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Dominic Cardall
Dominic Cardall

March 20, 2020

Hi I’m trying to purchase some replacement lifting straps but the only ones I can see on the site are a smaller version of my current straps. My straps are 50mm wide with neoprene pads 70mm wide they are 600mm long and I bought them from one of your stands at “body power”
Are they still available? Thanks Dom


March 14, 2020


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