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Villain Wrist Wraps 30" (Skull Print)

Shipped from London, UK

Size Guide

Whether you’ve just starting lifting at the gym to get into shape, or you’re a competitive powerlifter, our Villain Wrist Wraps are the solution that fits all your needs. If you’re looking for great support for your wrists during heavy lifts, you’ve come to the right place. Our 30” Villian Wrist wraps in white with black skulls are stylish and easy to use. They will match anything you wear to the gym. They do not hamper your movements like normal wrist wraps because they are made differently. Our wrist wraps are not made with thumb loops because we want you to be able to move quickly and easily during your lifts without anything around your thumb. Instead of thumb loops, our powerlifting wrist supports have a belt loop tightening system. This system secures your weightlifting weight wraps tightly so that you get as much support as possible.

These wrist wraps are the most supportive that we offer.  BUYER BEWARE...They are also going to be bulky due to the length of the wrist wraps.  These are not for the everyday gym goer!  So, if you are pushing some heavy weight or just a bigger guy, then these are perfect for you.

Villain Wrist Wraps are USPA & IPL Approved - Powerlifting

  • Redesigned loop.
  • Overall length is 34 inches including velcro.
  • 30 inches fabric + 4 inches Velcro = 34 inches.
  • Width of the wrap is 3 inches.
  • Velcro has a width of 2 inches to secure your wraps.
  • Double velcro for multiple attachment sites.
  • Sold in pairs.
  • 16” Wraps = Great support & provide you the support needed when doing Olympic type movements.
  • 24” or 30” Wraps = Extra support for Powerlifting & Strongman training.  These are very rigid and provide the greatest wrist stability.

Hand wash with light detergent and let air dry. Not following these instructions will void any warranty.

*It is advised to NOT machine wash this product.

Size tag in every wrist wrap will state how to wash your item and the length of the wrist wrap.

Tearing the label off will damage the integrity of your wrist wraps.  We recommend cutting this off if needed.  Any label found torn off will immediately void any warranty.

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