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Looking to improve the strength in your glutes and hips? TUFF GRIPP Bands 2.0 are a versatile training tool used to help you increase strength and/or stability in your lower body.  Gray strips of rubber are used on the inside to help prevent the band from sliding around when training.   These are a great addition to your gym bag!

TUFF GRIPP Bands 2.0 Benefits

  • Warm up your hip abductors.
  • Keep your knees in the correct position when squatting/sumo deadlifting.
  • Increase strength and/or stability in your lower body.
    • 3 inches width
    • Inbuilt grey rubber strips to prevent slipping
    • Price is per band
    • Medium (13 inch) - Below 130 lbs
    • Large (15 inch) - 130 - 240 lbs
    • X-Large (16.5 inch) - Above 240 lbs

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