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CJ Coaching Absolute ABS Plan

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Anyone can get lean, but to have top quality abs you need to develop this muscle group as you would any other muscle.

This means you need to use a variety of resistance work, bodyweight movements and differentrep ranges to build the density to the muscle so they really show!

Another substantial benefit of developing your abs and building a stronger core is that it will alsohelp you develop the rest of your physique. A strong mid section is fundamental to getting very strong at squatting, deadlifting and all other large compound exercises.

This plan is a series of 6 different abs routines to be cycled over a 2 week period, then repeated.I would suggest you add in the abs workouts at the end of your sessions throughout the week or on rest days.

This program will work all of your core muscles listed below:

Rectus Abdominus
Internal Obliques
External Obliques
Transverse Abdominus

This plan is designed to specifically develop the muscles in your abdominals, whilst building your absyou need to also work on getting your body fat down to a level where yours abs will become visible.

If your not in this position yet then this plan works in conjunction with my Simply Shredded Program that will get your dream physique!

    Author - CJ Coaching

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