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30" Yellow Villain Wrist Wraps

Shipped from London, UK

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Our NO THUMB LOOP Villain 30" Wrist Wraps provide you the support when you need it. We use a "Belt Loop Tightening System" that acts like a belt does to your waist.  Never fuss or mess around with thumb loops again when using our Villain Wrist Wraps.  We use a high quality type of fabric that is made from a cotton/poly elastic blend.  This material will absorb sweat and moisture and won’t cause irritation to your skin.  The Villain Wrist Wrap offer you superior wrist stability when powerlifting, weightlifting and strongman training.

Granted not everyone can wear a 30” wrist wrap, but if powerlifting and strong man is your thing and breaking big PR’s if what you’re about then these are definitely the wraps for you!  Heavy bench press, big  overhead shoulder presses and three figure dumb bell presses then these have got you covered.

  • Redesigned loop.
  • Overall length is 34 inches including velcro.
  • 30 inches fabric + 4 inches Velcro = 34 inches.
  • Width of the wrap is 3 inches.
  • Velcro has a width of 2 inches to secure your wraps.
  • Double velcro for multiple attachment sites.
  • Sold in pairs.

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