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16" Pink Checkerboard Villain Sidekick Wrist Wraps

Shipped from London, UK

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16” Villain Wrist wraps in Pink Checkerboard print are taking things back to a true Scar style.  A limited run of units so once they are gone they are gone!

With the innovative TuffWraps belt loop tightening system and heavy duty 2” wide Velcro attachment point, they will remain secure and comfortable during your work out.  Gone are the days of the irritating thumb loop getting in the way and feeling uncomfortable while your hands are on the bar!

Not only do these wraps help prevent injury and are hugely functional, but the prominent Villain logo and choice of colours also add a touch of personal style to your gym outfit.

  • Redesigned loop.
  • Overall length is 20 inches, including velcro.
  • 16 inches fabric + 4 inches Velcro = 20 inches.
  • Width of the wrap is 3 inches.
  • Velcro has a width of 2 inches to secure your wraps.

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